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HealthWatch: Tuesday’s Top Health Stories

Watch today’s HealthWatch segment to learn about the nation’s top health stories.

HealthWatch: Bacteria in Contact Lenses

British researchers say lens cleaning solutions may not kill bacteria as effectively as you think. They found a dangerous bacterial strain was able to survive in a popular cleaning solution for over four hours.

HealthWatch: Kids’ Screen Time

A new study says children now average 40 hours of screen time each week. Researchers say limits on screen time would increase children’s health, lower obesity, and improve grades.

Free Seminar to Focus on Men's Health at Sparks

Urologist John D. Terrell, M.D., Sparks Urology Group, will host a free Lunch & Learn seminar to discuss common prostate issues men face and treatment options available on Thursday, April 10  from 12-1 p.m. at the Shuffield Education Center inside Sparks Regional Medical Center.

HealthWatch: Mental Health in Soldiers

American soldiers are more likely to suffer from mental disorders than civilians; a new study shows that the rate of depression is five times higher among soldiers, and the rate of PTSD is up to 15 times higher.

The study was based on an army survey of nearly 5,500 soldiers – researchers say they hope their findings will help the military develop outreach programs to help soldiers cope with mental disorders and thoughts of suicide.

HealthWatch: New Study Shows Problems with Infant Sleep Machines

Alexis Christoforous reports that new research finds these white noise machines could be hurting your baby’s ears.

HealthWatch: Young Adults and Stroke

Roughly ten percent of strokes occur in patients 18 to 50 years old. Most doctors assume those patients have a great chance at a full recovery; however according to researchers in the Netherlands, one third of people who survive a stroke before age 50 are unable to live independently or they will need assistance with daily activities even ten years after their stroke.