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Naked Man Arrested for Shooting Fishermen on Arkansas River | News

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Naked Man Arrested for Shooting Fishermen on Arkansas River

Van Buren Police arrested a man for shooting at three fishermen on the Arkansas River Friday.

Billy Ray Davenport was booked into the Crawford County Detention Center without bond on charges of first degree battery and possession of firearms.

“We turned around, started to head out of the cove when we heard the gunshot,” said Van Buren Officer Kirby Smith.

On Friday, Ofc. Smith and two other men were bow fishing in a boat in a small cove in Van Buren when Davenport came out of a houseboat and started yelling at them, according to a news release from the police department. As the men turned to leave, Davenport fired shots at them with a 20 gauge shotgun, police said.

“I think our adrenaline was running too much for us to even realize that we had even been hit to be honest with you,” said Ofc. Smith.

Davenport told 5NEWS he fired shots because he was startled out of a deep sleep.

Van Buren police say Davenport fired once. One of the pellets struck Ofc. Smith in the leg and three pellets struck another man in the ribs, elbow and leg. None of the injuries were life threatening, according to police.

Van Buren police confirm Davenport was naked, but do not believe he was intoxicated.

“We’re not sure his reasoning,” said Detective Jonathan Wear. “If he was woken up or if he just thought they were fishing too close to his boat.”

Smith says he is not in pain, but did contact a surgeon about having the pellet removed.

Van Buren Police responded to the houseboat and arrested Davenport without incident. He was released on a $3,500 bond, according to Davenport. He also told 5NEWS he knows the officer and that it “hurts his heart” to know he injured him.


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